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Analysis of development trend of drying technology in China

Analysis of development trend of drying technology in China

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The development of drying technology has gone through several stages, and every stage has the birth and application of new technologies. With the development of science and technology and the requirement of environmental protection, the development trend of drying technology is not only the drying of materials, but also the effective utilization of energy, the improvement of product quality and output, the reduction of environmental impact, safe operation, easy control and the multi-purpose of one machine.
Specifically, the future development of drying technology will focus on:
1, the use of new or more effective heating methods (such as pulse combustion, induction heating, etc.);
2, design flexible, multi-purpose dryer;
3. Direct drying machine uses superheated steam as drying medium.
4. Online measurement of product quality and moisture content.
5, the use of new gas solid contact technology (such as two-dimensional spouted bed, rotating spouted bed, etc.);
6. Use the combined heat transfer mode (convection). A combination of conduction and thermal radiation or dielectric.
7. Under special circumstances, the volumetric heating (microwave or high-frequency field) is used.
8, use fuzzy logic, neural network and expert system to realize process control.
9, a large number of indirect heating (conduction) drying;
10. Combination of different types of dryer, dryer or conventional drying technology.