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        Harbin Huayi Wood Drying Equipment CO., LTD.is a famous enterprise which produces kilns drying timber in speciality .The factory covers an area of 26000 sq. meters, the works shops cover areas of 10000 sq. meters ,Since it was established in the early 1980’s , it has developed wood drying Equipment in cooperation with North-east Forestry University and Heilongjiang Institute of Forestry and Science. Through the accumulation of practice and experience in the past 20 years, the factory manufactures the drying equipments(kilns)in batch and serial process. provides various kinds and sizes of drying equipments (kilns) for the customers, kilns which are sold are more than 400sets every year. It manufactures various wood drying equipments with the top ventilation for aluminum alloy assembly and brick and concrete mixed structures. The control method is classified into semi-automatic and automatic control system. the Capacity of single kiln is from 30M3 to 200M3 . HUAYI maked a hit and got Many successful bid in large of invitation tender projects. The quality and property of the products keep pace with the international standard, and the products are very popular with the customers. The products are sold well in China and also sold as far as Russia, South-east Asia, Middle-East regions and Gabon,Burma,Korea,America,and Guatemala and so on. The product wins the trust and high appreciation from the customers with high quality and fine drying effect, refined technique ,immediate after sales service.

        It passed the certification of ISO 9001 and gets three items of patent rights, the product exempts from inspe-ction for export.